Art – But Different

My family is very accustomed to traveling. I once found myself wandering the halls of a Paris art museum, more specifically, Musée d’Orsay… bummer… right? Though I may have been lost, I had found a taste for modern art. I decided to dig deeper into this interest and found something very appealing.

Artificial Intelligence is a very profound new concept that I find particularly interesting. AI can be developed to do things for humans better than humans can for themselves, except for emotion that is. The closest that AI can get to an emotional connection is stimulating certain human senses using neural mappings similar to that of a human’s. An example of this is Google’s Deep Dream AI. A user can input two images, one being the primary and the other being the color mapping, to make something wonderful.

For Example:

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Well… besides the last one of course, but you can’t blame me for having some extra fun when using amazing tools such as Google’s generator.

Go check it out and have a blast! Feel free to send me any cool images you generate.