My Inspiration

Extra Excerpt of Personal Inspiration:

I was watching a video from yes theory which is a fantastic YouTube channel dedicated to approaching life with a “Hell Yeah!” mindset. This specific video titled The STRANGE advice ELON MUSK gave me at age 18 featured a brief interaction with, you guessed it, Elon Musk. When presented with the question of “What advice do you have for young people and startups?” Elon responded with “Don’t do it” followed by a couple reasons that made business startups incredibly difficult to achieve success with. This response was so vivid to me because hearing that was the spark that ignited something inside of me. A mixture of my competitive nature and the urge to challenge myself made me want to, in a sense, prove him wrong. This correlated so well with me and made a solid stepping stone for what was to come in my life.

Here is the video –

If that didn’t send shivers down your spine then… I’m at a loss. Eh, Maybe it wasn’t your cup of tea. 

My motivation comes in waves. I find that the best way to maximize it is by fueling myself with inspiration. My mediums of inspiration are youtube and audible; typically listened to while driving or working out. I listen to Tony Robins for some psychological reinforcement and life advice, Jordan Peterson for… well… a lot of things, Simon Sinek to increase personal drive, Will Smith because he’s badass, and many other motivational speakers. The thing that ties all of these individuals together is their brutal honesty. They don’t disregard emotion because it’s a sign of weakness, they view it blatantly for what it is: Energy in Motion. Directing your energy and putting it into motion is the most powerful thing a human can do.

I want to encourage you to indulge in these amazing speakers and find a way to put your own energy into motion!