Project – Task Track

So I’ve decided to go with my first choice project – Application Development – primarily because of the feedback that I collectively received from both peers and family.

I’m currently working behind the scenes with a Coldstone Creamery that I used to work at. The project at hand is Task Track – software that optimizes workflow and communication. The reasoning behind Task Track is the feeling of “yes, this works, but it could be done better” with many tasks around the Coldstone workplace.

The structure behind Task Track is a M.E.V.N. software stack that features a Mongo database, an Express API, a Vuejs frontend, and Nodejs as the foundational language. It will be hosted for remote access over the internet, however, to use the Task Track functionality, authentication is required. Once logged in, users will be provided a dashboard that contains weekly and daily tasks, Cake inventory management, a live message board, and other management utilities.

The project outlines my passion for finding problems and making solutions, while also learning software development. Using my skills for unorthodox projects in the workplace is something that I love doing because of the incredible learning experience. Even if Task Track fails, I’m left with a brand new outlook on software development that paves the way for improvement and/or future projects.

Here is my plan for completing Task Track:

Week 1:  Week 1 is a visual week that involves completing the user interface for a seamless experience. I will be locally hosting the application to test the software with Coldstone employees.

Week 2:  This week is oriented around optimizing code management and preparing the software for deployment. Expansion is always something to consider when creating software so making sure that the application isn’t draining computer resources when overloaded is critical for success.

Week 3: And finally, deployment. There are many factors that go into deploying applications: security, processing power, storage size, and of course – pricing. Week three will be devoted to optimizing the outcome of the product while minimizing cost.

I will be making a video series showcasing the software and its capabilities. The videos will be in the form of tutorials that show how an average user can utilize the software. The tutorials will also be a way of implementation when it comes to deployment in stores.

When building software, challenges always arise in different shapes and sizes. The next challenge that I will have to face is mobility. I’d eventually like to make Task Track proprietary to several franchise businesses which would require a very modular interface that allows for extensive customization. This would require a team of coders to complete.

Showing the project can be very difficult due to software being extremely behind the scenes; however, I’m super excited to document as much of the process as possible to give an overview of what I enjoy doing. So,
stay tuned for more coming soon!