Project Update – Task Track

What was on the agenda?

Update the user interface to make the application more user-friendly. Host the application locally to test with Coldstone.

What have I accomplished thus far?

I set up a meeting with the Coldstone store owner as well as two other managers. I had them play with the application so they could point out features that were unnecessary or needed improvement. We made a game plan to add additional functionality to the daily task templates and paperwork sections. Jump Street, an indoor trampoline playhouse company, hosts a number of birthday parties, so naturally, Cold Stone partnered with them to boost ice cream cake demand. The current system that connects the two companies is lackluster, so I decided to incorporate something more efficient into my application. Lastly, a decision was made to fully utilize the application starting in March which fits perfectly within my project deadline.

What is my next step?

Moving forward, I will be going back to the drawing board to implement the feedback requests starting with the Jump Street logistics. I have some contacts that could help me with functionality tests as well as offer me information on the best place to host my software so I will be reaching out to them within the next few days. As far as documentation, I will be making the software videos next week which will help with explaining more of what I’m doing!


In my outline, I mentioned that expansion is always something to consider but I didn’t realize the magnitude of expansion that could occur. My first stages of the application will structurally remain the same, however, down the line I will most likely have to rebuild the application with a different framework to allow for multiple Coldstone location sessions to persist without conflicting with each other (Big project ahead).