Project Update 2 – Task Track

Man… business is something else

This last week has been a whirlwind of brainstorming ideas, conversations, and productive software advancements. To start, I decided that beating around the bush with certain essential components of my software was going to increase anxiety down the road, so I decided to make my life difficult now instead of later. I was unable to devote a large amount of time towards Task Track, so I knew that I needed to maximize my output for the time that I did have.


I started by tackling the issue of maintaining separate sessions for different Cold Stone Creamery store locations. To go about doing this, I had to learn A TON about jwt tokens and verifying user authentication; essentially generating hashed JWT tokens, tagging it to client requests, decoding the tokens using secrets, then authenticating them with a given store ID. This enables users to grab all backend information that affiliates with the unique store ID. To describe this process in layman’s terms, imagine that you and your friends are playing a game in the dark where you can’t talk to each other unless you perform the correct secret handshake. Once a successful handshake has been completed, you may communicate with your friend. Recognizing the tone of voice could resemble the store ID in this case.

Being a student can be tough when keeping up with deadlines, but the number of benefits that I get is incredible. For one, Microsoft Azure – A cloud hosting service – gives me access to virtual environments for free along with $200 of credit that can go towards better processing power! I will eventually be using much more than my fair share and will thus need to purchase a subscription, but until then my software is hosted free on the internet! This is where my M.V.P. (Minimal Viable Product) will be hosted while it’s being tested in March.

In addition, I came into contact with my brother, a very successful software salesman, and started talking to him about my project. Long story short… we’re both super excited about the possible scalability that my software may have in the industry. There is a staggering amount of Cold Stone locations that could largely benefit from my product around the country; 40 of which surround me and my brother within an hour radius. We’ve started making sales models representing how effective the software will be in saving yearly profits. This process consists of consulting with my current Cold Stone client about how long certain tasks take to accomplish, utilize Task Track to decrease this time, then leveraging that difference as a marketing point to save revenue – everyone likes revenue. Sales are something that I don’t have much experience with so all of this was an incredible learning process.

What’s Next?

This next week will be huge. I didn’t have the chance to start my videos yet, however, they should be coming soon. The main thing that needs to be completed is some final components that really improve the user interface and overall productivity of the app. To ensure that Task Track is ready for deployment in all aspects I will be talking with software professionals regarding code management, testing my software capabilities with a series of stress tests, and building business models depending on how well Task Track can optimize the working environment at Cold Stone Creamery.

I can’t wait to post my final project update next week! lots of exciting things happening so stay tuned!