To Blog or Not to Blog

This is the month. The month that starts my rigorous blogging journey. The month that for each and every day will demand a new story be published from the inner workings of my mind. I’m not a huge fan of writing, though lately, I’ve gained more of an edge when thinking quickly about what I want to write about. I’m hoping that edge will continue to sharpen and that I will find additional ways to make writing more enjoyable.

From the ideas that I’ve already mustered up, I can already tell that my topics are going to be far and wide in diversity. Along with my individual topics, I want to challenge myself to select a single theme and stick to it for a week.

I thought that the most difficult thing about this month would be topics, but I’ve already compiled a list of different things that I can discuss; things that I’m truly passionate about which I believe that passion makes it easier to produce content. Finding the time to write is something that I struggle with, but I am committed to making this happen.