Music is truly incredible. I spend way too many late nights driving and listening to loud music. The sensation is otherworldly, so naturally, all of those late nights were well worth the sleep deprivation. I use music as a form of rest (referencing from the last post) because it doesn’t exhaust cognitive power; instead, it stimulates the brain with patterns and emotions.

The weird thing about music is the extremely diverse spectrum that it lays on. I’m always asking the question of why certain sounds sound better than others? Then to make it worse, why do certain people like certain sounds more so than other people? Not to mention the mathematics that is involved in sound waves. Fun fact, imaginary numbers are fundamental to the oscillations that sounds have! And people wonder why I love math so much!

Music is known to amplify emotions which is a bizarre phenomenon. You can change the entire atmosphere of a room full of people by playing Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a prayer. Or you could make those same people wish they didn’t have ears by playing Gangnam style. You have that power, so use it wisely! Music has also been used as a form of treatment in the medical field. One example is Alzheimer’s patients that have experienced memory gain after listening to familiar songs because their brain has associated those emotions with previous experiences.

One of my favorite pastimes is playing guitar. The sense of relaxation that I get from plucking those strings is like non-other. For that moment, I am completely immersed in the music, one of the only times that I can truly relax and forget the rest. If you ever get the chance to learn music in any way, shape, or form, do yourself a favor and jump into it. Learning an instrument sucks. It sucks because you suck :). But the journey of becoming better is an incredible experience. Learn to love, and share the love of, music.