Evan’s Triangle of Life

As promised, I’m posting about my personal endeavors and what lead me to choosing the three traits on the triangle of life (image below for reference).

Image result for life triangle pick two

I don’t like talking about my personal life because I’m not one to call for any attention. To some, my life is too fast pace and ‘unhealthy’, to others I’m privileged and I have it easy. Having a ‘hard’ life is relative and I personally believe that my life is easily manageable as long as I can maintain a certain mindset. So keep in mind that as I talk about some of my experiences, I’m not asking for a pity party, nor am I asking for your negative opinion regarding my life. Find something that you can relate with. If you can’t find anything, then look at my other blogs!

Prior to about two years ago, my triangle of life primarily consisted of getting a crap ton of sleep and periodically socializing (usually through video games or parties). I was fed up with my unproductive nature so I took a drastic turn when junior year of high school hit.

I took a deep dive into scholarly academics at first because I was promised success if I studied hard and went to a good college. But I soon changed that mentality as I realized how useless the modern education system was.

My mind was still hooked on learning so I continued to push myself. I worked thousands of hours in 6 different jobs to pay for my sports cars (its an issue), I took the most difficult classes offered to me (might as well if you’re legally required to go to school), I took industry level certifications that required 5 years of experience, I built a photo booth business, I’m currently building a software LLC, and I’m constantly working on new ideas for the future.

My schedule was maxed, but I wasn’t complacent. I focused almost entirely on the ‘Good Grades’ trait on the triangle. I wasn’t performing as well as I knew I could be, even though every time I tried to work harder I would always come up short.

I had to change my perspective because clearly something wasn’t working. As I mentioned in a previous post, I enjoy reading personal improvement audio books; anything from psychology to inspiration. These books helped me adjust my thinking when it came to working hard. So I immediately started applying different strategies to my daily life.

I started devoting more time into my relationships with family and friends. There were immediate benefits from this as I found the utmost importance of fellowship. It motivated me to become more involved with the people around me. It’s been so beneficial that I’ve decided to take a semester off of school to go and travel. There is just something incredible about exploring other cultures.

Sleep is still something that I struggle to find balance with. It’s hard to justify 7 hours of laying motionless when work needs to be done. Fortunately for me, when it comes time for bed, I’m out within 5 minutes. I’ve adjusted my sleep schedule to allow for more time which has drastically helped me with performing daily tasks.

For instance, I’ve noticed that gaining an extra hour of sleep has improved my writing. It used to take hours for me to write something simple because I couldn’t put the correct words down on the paper. But with a bit of practice and some extra sleep, I’ve produced better content in a fraction of the time. Sleep does wonders.

Balancing your life isn’t a matter of choosing which traits are important and which ones aren’t so that you could prioritize one over the other. The traits work in unison to help achieve something greater. If you feel like you’re in a state of limbo, step back and reassess the aspects of your life that consume you. Ensure that there is a balance of socializing, work, and sleep because without it, you will be running a marathon with bag full of weights strapped to your back.