The Trick To Becoming A Morning Person

Waking up sucks. There’s nothing worse than waking up before the sun rises after getting (what feels like) 5 hours of sleep. But if you’re leading a busy life, you know that sleeping in isn’t an option. So I’m here to give you a run down of how I became a morning person.

Before you get your hopes up, you’re most likely not going to like this process. This isn’t a ‘one step’ change that suddenly makes early mornings a walk in the park (though walking in the park isn’t a bad thing to do in the morning). I also want to emphasize that everybody is different, so take my personal process with a grain of salt. With that being said, let’s dive in.

Mornings are the foundation of whats to come during the day, so it’s absolutely vital that you win the dreaded morning battle. The way that I’ve been able to conquer mornings is through little victories. Even something as simple as making the bed can activate the brain’s reward system

So I do just that. I wake up, put my phone away, and set to work on winning the morning. Before making my bed, I just sit for 5 minutes and try to gather everything I can from my dreams. During REM, the brain does an incredible amount of subconscious thinking which is why people often have sudden “eureka!” moments in the morning. I then proceed to make my bed and look around my room for anything that I can clean.

The second stage consists of waking up my body and becoming more alert. To do so, I start with meditation. My chosen method of meditation is Whim Hof’s breathing technique found here. I will not go into much detail regarding the technique. What I will say is, it’s a stimulation method that fills the body with oxygen while releasing unnecessary toxins. To finalize this specific meditation technique, I take a cold shower (“AAAAAH” – the voice inside my head every morning).

The sensation of taking a cold shower after waking up is awful, however, doing it consistently is incredibly beneficial. Plus, It will literally kick you straight into the day.

The final step is the easiest. I like to do a simple muscle activating activities such as push-ups, squats, crunches, and running to ensure that my body is ready for anything. I then eat a delicious breakfast and drink a cup of coffee.

So, yeah. There’s my morning routine that I often (secretly) skip because of Colorado’s -10 degree weather. I hope you enjoyed!