The Part of Me That Moves Quicker Than the Rest.

Among my many other interests, I am also fond of certain automobiles. I’ve got to give it to Henry Ford and the Germans for engineering such masterpieces. The start of the car industry was an incredible time in history.

8 cylinder engines were unheard of back in the day. The ingenuity required for making an effective 8 cylinder engine was incredible. Modern technology allows for advanced virtualization of engines which makes it easier to build. Back in 1932, when the first Ford V8 engine was made public, the concept of electronic computation was nonexistent.

Many people believe that the production V8 started the golden age of automobiles. Enthusiasts naturally wanted to increase the power of engines and the easiest way to do so was by throwing more fuel and O2 into larger cylinders. Carburetors did exactly that.

My favorite time in the automobile industry is when engines started to become ‘artificially’ aspirated by turbos and super chargers. Aspiration allows for smaller engines to make the same amount of power as larger ones by compressing oxygen and shoving it into the engine. And as long as you stayed off the gas, smaller engines had MUCH better gas mileage. When gas prices increased, aspirated engines became more desirable. This lead to the rise of both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder Japanese cars.

I personally own a Subaru WRX – the rally cross version of Subaru’s sedan. The joy that I get out of swinging that car around corners, down shifting, and making the engine scream is irreplaceable. Colorado is also a wonderful place to be in the winter. I always happen to “stumble” on empty parking lots, perfect for doing donuts.

I’m not a big fan of super cars because they are just too perfect. No one wants to rip an Aventador around the Nurburgring because there’s almost nothing to it; it’s almost entirely electronic. I like the feeling of whipping a rear wheel drive car around a corner with no guarantee of maintaining traction. I love kicking the clutch in, pulling the hand break, down shifting, dropping the clutch, and drifting sideways (no wonder my insurance is so high). There is an art to driving and I love sharing it with people, even if that means scaring the absolute crap out of them.