Good Questions Beckon for Good Answers

I’ve been applying to a bunch of scholarships recently (it’s that time of the year) and I stumbled upon the Heinlein Society Scholarship. The prompt was straight forward and there were a few questions that required an essay to answer. As I was strolling through my options, I noticed one very powerful question; it asked “How might advances in your chosen field of study affect how people live 50 years from now? What changes, good or bad, might society see?”

I took this to heart because, in my mind, it’s essentially asking what kind of legacy do I plan to leave for future generations using technology. I guess I approached it this way because… well… I’d like to think that my future contributions to technology will help shape the industry, and thus have an impact on how people will live in the future. That’s most likely my ego talking, but maybe my ego is what separates me from the rest.

It’s incredible what a good question can stir up. To all the teachers out there that say “there is no such thing as a bad question.” You’re missing the point! There are some REALLY bad questions, however, there are also extremely good questions that should be rewarded. Didn’t entirely mean to go off on this tangent, but I wanted to make that clear.

I decided to use the scholarship question for my blog post tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to digging deeper with the future of technology. As for now, I will be brainstorming a bit more to prepare for tomorrow’s post.