Gloomy Skies

Today is a lazy day for Mr. Vaughan. It’s time for a fun topic.

I just wanted to share my taste in music, because, why not! I’ve been told that my taste in music is quite diverse, so hopefully there’s something here for everyone. My mood is what sets the stage for what type of music I’m feeling.

When I’m driving rather quickly, I like to listen to rap, EDM, or classical (that’s right, I said classical). If I’m just taking a Sunday stroll, I enjoy Frank Ocean, Chaleu, Lorn, EDEN, U2, Pink Floyd, John Denver, and a few others. Going up to the mountains and snowboarding is when the crazy stuff comes in. Up there, you can catch me with some Russian rap and Mura Masa.

When it comes to playing music, I’m a sucker for Ed Sheeran. One of my favorite tunes to play on the guitar is ‘The A Team.’ Recently, I’ve been learning some finger style songs which is a really awesome way of playing guitar if you haven’t had the fortune of hearing it. Some of the songs that I’ve learned are “Fly me To The Moon” – Frank Sinatra, “Lucky” – Jason Mraz, and the theme song from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here’s an awesome finger style song. Incredible guitarist.

Side note: If anyone lives near Colorado and wants to go to an unforgettable concert, Red Rocks amphitheater is known for its fantastic natural acoustics. Come on by during the summer!