Jack of All Trades; Master of All

I was challenged to evaluate a previous post and drastically cut down on useless content to better convey my message. The blog of choice, Evan’s Triangle of Life, is a well nourished beast with plenty of content (mostly useless). Here, I will be shaving down the rubbish filler words and getting straight to the point.

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You’re probably familiar with the infamous student triangle of life (see attached photo above for reference). With life’s many demands, it’s said that you’re only permitted to choose two of the three traits on the triangle: good grades, social life, or getting enough sleep.

I’m here to tell you that, great news, you don’t have to choose! Believe it or not, you can achieve all three traits quite comfortably with a bit of hard work. In fact, its essential that you create a balance of all three.

I’m known as the good grades, social life kind of guy. Sleep was just another obstacle in my way. This quickly changed, however, because I realized that in order to achieve greatness in any individual aspect, I needed to master the trilogy of life’s triangle.

Don’t just take my word for it. There are hundreds of studies that conclude that sleep correlates with productivity, productivity correlates with social life, so on an so forth. Here is a fantastic article that addresses this in detail for all you skeptics.

The side affects when lacking in sleep, applied effort, or social skills, are often mistaken for modern disorders. Ever wonder why the U.S. has the highest ADHD diagnosis rate with drastically increasing numbers each year? It’s because students become so engulfed in certain areas of their life (typically school) that they forget about balancing everything else.

Don’t succumb to the limbo state that everyone is so accustomed to. Challenge yourself to grow in the weak areas of your life. Step out of your comfort zone.

As a wise man once said, “If not now, When?” – Hillel the Elder