How Technology Will Change the Future (Continuation)

Previously on How Technology Will Change the Future We explored the capabilities of technology and how it will (hopefully) solve modern world problems.

This blog will focus on the extremely exciting, and somewhat scary, future applications of technology.

I wanted to start with the obvious. Space travel. Featured in hundreds of movies, space travel is an inevitable feat that humans will accomplish given enough time. The cost of building rockets and other payloads for space is the predominant issue when occupying other planets. This is exactly why Elon Musk created SpaceX – a revolutionary new company that significantly cuts down space travel costs.

SpaceX has plans to launch a rocket (the BFR) to Mars in hopes of creating an inhabitable space station by 2025. That’s an incredibly small time frame from now which means that blasting human test subjects towards the red planet is something we will see in the next 30-50 years. Instead of paying for expensive airplane rides across the world, people could pay to fly to another planet!

Modern computers are incredible, but the demand for more powerful computing doesn’t stop. But modern computer chips are reaching a physical limit. To increase the processing power of a chip, more circuitry must fit into a smaller surface area. The issue that processors are facing now is the electromagnetic field of a wire starts to interfere with the surrounding wires.

The solution to this is a different type of computing. Quantum computing. Some of these incredibly sophisticated machines are already being produced. However, the cost of building/maintaining one is substantial. Withing the next 50 years, the development of quantum computers will have a drastic impact on how people live.

Quantum computers are phenomenal when it comes to encrypting data. In theory, quantum computers could create encryption algorithms that are impossible to crack. The downside is, they are also phenomenal at decryption. Cyber Security will be an interesting industry within the next 30 years.

Quantum computers can also enhance the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Yes, this means that more jobs will become obsolete with the help of AI; but the number of jobs created by maintaining these mysterious self-learning algorithms will increase.

One of the most notable technological influence will, in fact, be AI. Within the next 50 years, humans could be working side-by-side with artificial intelligence. The capabilities are endless which is why almost every industry will adopt some level of AI.

The suspicion of AI taking over is a very real concern. Although it is necessary for advancements in technology, artificial intelligence needs to be watched closely.

And Voila! A few more ways that I think technology will effect the future. Will all of our problems be solved? Perhaps, but with that, there will be more issues to deal with. Nevertheless, it’s extremely exciting to explore what could happen during our lifetime!