Infinite Utility

I decided to take a small detour for today’s blog to, one – highlight the applications of AI and two – provide for a buffer day to help me gather my thoughts for tomorrow’s insane blog. Yes, things get even more crazy. But, Like I said, today will be a fun little gander into the world of artificial intelligence and how it is currently used to do some awesome things!


Yes, robots are now making music. Whether it’s good music or not, the robots are trying their best. The question of “Can artificial intelligence be used to create compelling art and music?” is an intriguing one in the least. One company, NSynth, is attacking this question head on; their research thus far has been indubitably impressive. They have fun little audio recordings as well as an abundance of information here.

Wifi Emotion Detectors

It is, in fact, as weird as it sounds. The geniuses over at MIT have created a new device called the eqradio. It’s a radio frequency transmitter that monitors a person’s heart rate using the RF signals. Intrusive? In a sense, but the technology could be incredibly useful in cases where a person is prone to heart attacks. The artificial intelligence is used to create sufficient models depending on a person’s resting heart rate, room size, and many other factors.

Digital Facial Construction

Take a look at the faces above. They look normal, right? The interesting thing is, these people don’t exist. They never have, they never will. These faces were constructed using AI. Using neural networks, similar to the one that I’ve been discussing in my previous posts (just MUCH more complicated), these images were created by feeding hundreds of thousands of images into the net which eventually tuned the algorithm enough to detect faces with this kind of precision. It’s actually pretty terrifying.

If you weren’t aware of these technologies, now you are. I hope it was enjoyable to see what computers are capable of these days. Tomorrow will be a heavy hitter; however, it should still be a fun read.