What I’ve Learned About Writing

Today marks the 24th day of my blogging streak. What seemed like an insane challenge at first has evolved into a fun daily ritual. I’ve truly enjoyed the past 23 days.

I would have truly loved the past 23 days, but there has been a caveat to my situation. Unfortunately, in addition to blogging, I also started my technical writing class this month. I went from writing the occasional email and project memo to dishing out 1500 words a day. Yes, it’s a wonderful opportunity, but It becomes quite tedious, especially when writing is not necessarily a priority. I’m thoroughly impressed by individuals that can keep this up for months on end because It feels like physical exercise – or maybe it’s just me.

Nevertheless, with the amount of writing that I’ve been doing lately, I’ve learned quite a bit. For one, incorrectly formatted sentences pop out like a sore thumb. Whether it’s incorrect handling of plural/singular nouns or even tenses in a sentence that don’t match, errors display themselves much more profoundly. It would be quite ironic if I’ve made these types of errors in this blog.

Though I blog most of my content in first person, I’ve become much more efficient with writing in the third person while avoiding pronouns. This used to be a very difficult task for me, but with a bit of practice – and I mean a BIT – I’ve been able to accomplish it without even thinking twice.

I’ve also grown a larger appreciation for different styles of writing. There’s a time and place for every type of writing and it’s interesting to see how different people approach various topics with their personal style. It’s also intriguing to see the specific writing styles of well-known authors – analyzing how they create and deliver stimulating content.

These are just a few takeaways from this month of intense writing. Let me know how your month has been going and what you’ve learned thus far!