Sam is my dog.

Sam? That’s an interesting name for a dog. What made you choose it?

Sam is the younger brother of Frodo – our other dog. As you could imagine, our family enjoys the Lord Of The Rings series.

Sam’s brother, Frodo, unfortunately passed a few years ago. It was a tough transition for Sam, but he pulled through.

Sam is quite overweight. Some would say this is a bad thing, but he makes a fantastic pillow so I’m not complaining.

Sam is 10 years old but still gallops like a small stallion – for small distances that is.

Sam enjoys eating, sleeping, eating, eating, sleeping, eating, and going outside. Usually in that order.

Sam has really sensitive feet. That’s his Achilles heal. Don’t mess with his feet.

Sam REALLY enjoys barking at squirrels and neighbors.

Sam says he loves you and goodnight!