Minimega Copywriting Exercise

I’ve recently been putting in a lot of time on a project for work. I was tasked with building a cluster of servers so I could could deploy an opensource virtualization software: Minimega. If you go to their landing page, here, you will notice the immense lack of documentation regarding just about everything. I thought I’d try copywriting it to see if I could make it more applicable and appealing.

What is Minimega?

Minimega is an opensource hypervisor that can be easily deployed on a cluster of servers. It’s as easy as installing dependencies on the cluster, deploying Minimega on a head node, and configuring the network to allow for multiple virtual hosts.

Why Choose Minimega?

Minimega is extremely light weight and doesn’t sacrifice time for performance. Other hypervisors, such as OpenStack, are inefficient and require extensive configuration.

Minimega also has the capabilities of deploying itself on server nodes with minimal configuration. Then to top it off, with Minimega you will also experience extremely quick virtual machine launches. It’s a no brainer!

The Mission

If you’ve been searching for the perfect hypervisor that’s stable, reliable, fast, and cost effective, look no further. Minimega was designed specifically for enthusiasts and large corporations to maximize virtual machine production without the hours of painful configuration. Not to mention the unbeatable price tag. It’s the perfect solution.

Getting Started

You’re probably on the edge of your chair ready to get started. For detailed instructions on how to deploy Minimega, clicker here.

If you’re still not satisfied, view the Minimega forums for more information here.