Colorado Weather

So, I just got home from a Kava bar – a tribal tea place – and noticed how insane the roads were. Colorado went from 80 degree weather to 31 degree, snowy weather. Of course no one expects this, so i70 – my route home – was an absolute mess.

There were over 30 cars stuck on different intervals in the middle of an interstate road. I, of course, with my AWD Subaru was dodging and weaving through these people trying to avoid the biggest mistake a driver can make: stopping.

If you’ve ever experienced a surprise blizzard from Mother Nature, you’d understand that the absolute worst thing you could do is stop moving when going up an incline. I understand that people are trying to help others by slowing down, but you’re doing more harm to yourself and the people behind you. Do us all a favor and continue moving.

With that being said, I did the unthinkable. I wasn’t in the middle of a highway thank goodness, but on my way home I stopped to help another person. She was a rather attractive woman, so of course I had to help. Turns out, she had a friend on the way and I looked like a darned fool stuck in the middle of the street.

Long story short, I wiggled my way back into motion because… well… I couldn’t embarrass myself. Anyway, Colorado is wild and I feel terrible for all of the 18 wheelers roaming through the gloomy night.

I wish everyone luck with driving through harsh conditions. Thank the lord for all wheel drive.