The Real March Madness

Why watch 68 college basketball teams go head to head when you could blog everyday for a month? I can tell you from personal experience that this month was, in fact, madness without even watching a single slam dunk. With that being said, I present to you a recap of my incredible daily blogging experience.

The whole process was quite manageable. It’s your mission if you choose to accept it (know what I’m saying?). The truth is, anyone can write a good blog when they’re in the mood. The challenge is constancy – producing despite how difficult it may be. It definitely took me a few days to get into the groove of producing at a decent pace.

Going into the month, I had a pretty good game plan set. I created a list with 20 different ideas that I could write about – ended up doing more than half of them which is pretty good. I immediately set to work with writing things that interested me: technology, cars, music, personal wellness, motivation, so on and so forth. For anyone interested in attempting this challenge, I would highly recommend starting with topics that you’re excited about.

The most difficult parts of this month were the nights after a long day of work and school. Sitting down and dishing out a blog wasn’t the issue, it’s the act of restraining from friends, family, and other hobbies that really took it out of me. This is a skill that’s truly bitter sweet because you have to prioritize certain commitments over other important aspects of your life. I guess the best approach to this is being transparent with the people around you; help them understand what your goal is and what they can do to assist you. Even now I’m realizing how important it is to have supportive people around to push you through the tough times.

One thing that I wish I could have improved upon was changing my style of writing. I’ve been told how monotone I am in real life, but now I notice it in my own writing. I guess that’s not entirely a bad thing because it shows that I’m actually expressing myself through writing. Granted, it’s still something that I will continue to strive towards improving.

The thing about writing is it directly signifies what type of person you are. Writing is intrinsic to every job position which is why it’s so important to effectively communicate through writing. When I hire new employees in the future, the first thing that I will have them do is blog for a month. There something so beneficial about pushing yourself, day-by-day, to produce. It’s not only a fantastic writing exercise, it’s a measure of character. If you can’t manage the little things, such as a daily blog, why should anyone trust you with larger tasks?

All in all, I’m in no way regretting this past month. I am a significantly better writer than I was a month ago and I am forever grateful for my family and Praxis peers that motivated me to continue moving forward. Will I be continuing my blogging streak? No, I will not be. Not for now at least. I don’t want to make the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse because, frankly, I do. But like I mentioned before, certain commitments have to take priority over others.

Thanks for an awesome month, guys!