The Future of Evan Vaughan

For a scholarship, I was instructed to give a biographical background as well as explain my future career goals. I was limited to 250 words, so naturally I used all 250 of them. I thought I’d pop this in my blog because it has some relevant information in regards to concluding my blogs. Let me know what you think!

I live in beautiful Golden, Colorado where the opportunities are endless. I could go on about how inspirational my parents are and how I broke through some challenges, but in all honesty, I don’t have a heartfelt sob story; I’ve been fortunate enough with a wonderful, privileged life. Recognizing this has been one of the biggest motivations for me. If I’m blessed enough with a bed to wake up from, food to eat, and transportation, then you better believe I’m going to utilize everything I can to change the world.

How am I going to change the world? To start, I’m currently working on a project for Red Rocks Community College. A project that will soon support an incredible learning environment for students and workers in tech. It comprises of a miniature super computer that can support mass virtualization environments – perfect for testing cyber security, computer science, networking applications, and much more.

I’ve also started a few companies. One of which is a photo booth company under the name of Bird House Booth Co. My second company is a freelance software development utility used in franchise businesses. One client that I currently have is Cold Stone Creamery. I plan to take the application, Keep Track, to a multitude of stores – perhaps even corporate – to sign on more clients.

My future endeavors will include the incredible inner workings of quantum computers and artificial intelligence. Following my 4-year undergraduate degrees in physics and computer science, I will be utilizing quantum computers to build machine learning neural networks.