The Hunt is On

The job search is a daunting task for some. It takes a high level of personal drive and high self esteem. Luckily, I have one hell of an ego. During my job search, I have found that there are two primary ways of finding a good job listing.

My preferred job finding strategy involves social networking and a bit of luck. You never know when you’re going to run into someone that works in your dream industry and just so happens to have a position available. This is where my ego comes in because I am more than happy to showcase my technical abilities to a possible hire.

The latter job finding strategy involves utilizing online tools to match with local companies. I wanted to dive into this process because successfully navigating through the online job hunt using what’s easily available is an invaluable skill to have.

Some of the tools that I’ve been using include Indeed, TheMuse, LinkedIn, and CareerBuilder. All of these options essentially do the same thing with the exception of a few features. Once you sign up, typically using a google account, you can filter available job listings in certain areas. The criteria that I consistently used when filtering jobs contained key-words such as IT, Software development, Help Desk, IT Project Manager, and technology specialist. Additional filter options that I used were ‘entry level’ check boxes, location specifications, and certain qualifications – typically high school diploma.

Technical jobs are closely related in many ways. The obvious similarities among listings are almost always requirements and position description. They consistently require 1-5 years of help desk experience, a high school diploma or GED equivalent, previous customer service experience (always required regardless of the position type), and what is expected if accepted for the position.

The main thing that caught my attention is that the minimal requirements were often more difficult to achieve than the desired requirements. This may have been the case for me, personally, because I have neither graduated high school nor acquired the necessary amount of years in industry; Whereas the desired requirements were primarily skill based – something that I have more control over.

These are the few observations that I’ve made thus far in the job search. Hopefully they offer some insight as to how I manage the job hunt!