Week Two Update

This week was the start of my first software development position. I finalized the paperwork and made a game plan. However, there is one caveat to my situation. I’m in India! I’m here for a few weeks so my involvement with my startups will be minimal. Luckily, I have lots of flexibility, so I can take most of my work with me.

With that being said, I worked on a few things during my travels, so here’s the run down.

Rundown of my current projects


AI will be an area that I will be working on in my second internship. It’s also something that I will inevitably use in the future. So I purchased a data science course on Udemy, a course that was referred to me by a fellow Praxian, to continue my exploration of machine learning.

So far I’ve learned the evolution of data analytics and how it ties into business intelligence, data science, traditional methods of analysis, and machine learning.

Software Development

After finalizing my paperwork with the LLC that I’m working with, I was assigned the task of rebuilding their website from scratch. Their original website was created with, what I believe to be, HTML5 and PHP. Given that their website is going to be decently interactive, I decided that the development stack of choice would be React oriented. My typical go-to stack is M.E.R.N – MongoDB, Express API, React, and Nodejs – due to its high level of customization and easy deployment.

I’m currently in the process of learning React Redux which is a centralized state manager that makes it easy to store pieces of information when managing page component. This will become incredibly useful for when I implement client and provider authentication on the web application.

I’m still not entirely hands on with my projects due to my location change, so much of my value creation is in development. Starting June 10th is when my involvement will grow exponentially, so stay tuned for some cool updates!