Week 3

I’ve been slacking on my work…

But that’s okay because I’ve immersed myself in a culture that not many people get to see – at least from the U.S.

As I mentioned last week, my travels have taken me to India and Nepal. I’ve visited a few states including Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur, and Kathmandu. All of which have taught me something invaluable.

Instead of engulfing myself in code and and neural networks, I took information from my surroundings and used that as my learning material instead.

My Takeaways

First, I have to address how incredible it is to live in the US. Despite all the political backlash that America receives, it is still an incredible place to flourish in. To put it into perspective, India is an incubator for the caste system which essentially segregates the nation’s inhabitants depending on their heritage. If you were born to a family that lives in the slums (not a great place to be) then you would be expected to stay there despite economical or educational prowess – you’re strongly discouraged from advancing in society.

The caste system was very noticeable once observed. Same caste businesses were all run the same and many of them didn’t provide additional services in comparison to the thousands of other similar businesses. They were essentially replicas of one another which, as you could imagine, does not breed competition in the business world. In seeing this, I really came to realize just how important competition is in industry; obviously it’s important, but seeing this on a national scale was a big wake up call.

Another thing that I noticed was the lack of effective technology use. For example, instead of logging users that come in and out of a tourist location on a computer, they would manually input all of the information. This is a simple example, but you get the point. Technology is crazy useful with the amount of data bouncing around, so utilizing it makes a huge difference.

The last thing that I learned is not to stress too much about traveling because, in most cases, nothing will work as it’s supposed to.

I could go on about my experiences, but I just wanted to give a brief rundown of the incredibly informational journey that I’ve embarked on. I hope this was an enjoyable read!