Apprenticeship Week 5

This was hands down one the most insane work weeks of my life. Here’s what went down.

Evan’s Quick Weekly Reflection

I have officially started both my internships totaling 60+ hours a week. I
love the long work weeks, so I’m no stranger to the constant hustle. Despite
the somewhat heavy workload that I’ve endured, I’ve never felt better in my life; I’m working on things that I thoroughly enjoy and I’m getting paid for it!

As mentioned before, one of my positions is web development for a small LLC under the name of Self Directing Systems. The newest addition to my career path is a research opportunity at the Nation Renewable Energy Lab (NREL). My emphasis is working with hybrid cyber security systems that detect both cyber and power grid attacks using AI. I’m unsure of how in-depth I can go when discussing my work at NREL, so I’ll have to keep a few technical pieces out of the picture.

Optimally, my position at NREL will result in a research publication which would be huge for me at the age of 18. It’s already an incredible opportunity working in an office filled with more Ph.Ds than I can count. I’m literally working my dream job before starting college. I’m Just gotta keep thanking the big man upstairs!

Weekly Progress

I had a very productive meeting with my manager that established the overall expectations regarding the structure of my web application. There were a few specifics, such as an ‘About us’ page and a few portals for clients and employees, but the rest was up to me. So continuing on my software development journey, I was able to accomplished a very daunting task: graphical creativity. For some gosh-darned reason, I just lack the creativity trait, so getting this far has been a wonderful milestone for me.

With that being said, I completed an initial rough draft for the website landing page that sends users to their respective login portals. In doing so, I utilized React libraries such as Reactstrap (bootstrap for react), React Motion, and lots of CSS to create a visually appealing user interface (at least I think I did). I also focused heavily on mobile device compatibility because no one likes proprietary desktop web apps.

Soon, I’ll be jumping into a very technical aspect of the application regarding application states and storing data across React components. The framework of choice is Redux which stores a state object that cannot be directly modified, only cloned and changed. The overall process is simple to conceptualize, but there are a few boiler-plate processes that make it confusing at times.

Anyway… here is a quick snapshot of the landing page!

There are a few animations here and there, but this is the overall aesthetic of the application. Let me know what you think!