Apprenticeship Week 7


This last week concluded a radical amount of IDS script creation, as well as presentations. I’ve been designing a special tool-set that creates a link between intrusion detection systems and machine learning; a feat that is becoming increasingly more difficult with each iteration.

On another – more colorful – note, I’ve continued my work with Threejs which is an incredible framework for building 3D graphical objects in Javascript. So far I’ve created a globe in space that has moving clouds, textured mountains, and rotates around it’s axis!


This week concludes a heavy focus on backend development. I started with building a few API endpoints for both clients and employees that then developed into user authentication with MongoDB supporting the databased users. The users were created by utilizing MongoDB’s document schema to format the name, email, user type (client or employee), and password. The password is salted and hashed using bcrypt, then stored in the user’s databased index. The token generated for navigating secured routes is JWT based. These tokens are passed between frontend and backend to ensure each server request maintains integrity and security.

Praxis Takeaways:

The main thing that I took away from the Praxis discussion this past week was the importance of flat businesses, but only to an extent. My NREL job has been an incredible experience that has offered me with more freedom than any of my previous jobs despite the extremely demanding atmosphere. The only reason that this was made possible, and why companies such as Google become so prosperous, is because of the flat business model within sub-layers of the organization. This is because each layer of NREL presents a highly cooperative environment that motivates individuals to work with other people in the same field. Nevertheless, there is a necessary accountability that these individuals have when reporting to higher-ups.

Let me know if you agree/disagree with my takeaways! Also, if you have any insight into the topics discussed above, I’m always open to suggestions.