Apprenticeship Week 8 & 9

Yep… I missed a week. Anxiety hits hard, man. Anyway, here’s the skinny on the past few weeks.


Frustration. That’s all I can say. I reached a point where I technically should have been a few weeks ago and the build up was frustrating in every sense of the word. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to fine tune my IDS to work in cooperation with my networking environment which will allow me to get the logs that I need. I’ve started documentation for the hopefully forthcoming publication that my cohort and I will be submitting to in the next few weeks. If all goes well, we should have a decent publication submitted to IEEE and a few other conferences for review.

Side note, my internship has been extended for a year’s worth of exciting research in the field of cyber security in power grid systems!


Development has slowed down a bit for the web application just with everything happening lately. I was, however, able to nail down a few key formatting things that should drastically help me with future page development. Formatting for cross browser and mobile compatible functionality is the suck, to say the least.

It’s been exciting developing in React, though, and to play around with all of the incredible transition libraries is a ton of fun. It’s been a great opportunity working directly with a business’ needs and forming code around it.


If you’re looking for a cool party-trick like programming language, ThreeJS is an incredible graphical java script framework that makes 3D objects super easy to display and interact with. For a quick little example, I made a globe and hosted it on Heroku for others to see. Feel free to play around with it!


R: Reset Globe Orientation
Mouse Drag: Spin globe around
Double Click: Zoom into globe

Let me know what you think!