Below are a few projects that I’ve had the opportunity to work on. In summary, the first two are web-applications that were created while I was under contract with a few companies. Both feature full stack java script frameworks used to maximize utility and security in the development environment. The other projects include research, hands-on electrical engineering, and collaborative.

Keep Track

Keep Track is a task-tracking and operations-management utility web application that features an abundance of features used by franchise business like Cold Stone. The application caters to businesses that need a centralized task-tracking system made specifically for its business needs.

The application features a Mongo, no-sql database, an express API to handle back-end communications, a Vuejs front-end user interface, and Nodejs as the web-scripting platform. The interface itself incorporates authentication and authorization with Json web tokens, secured back-end requests, socket communication driven messaging, and an abundance of useful features. Check it out yourself with the information provided below!

Password: example123

Self Directing Systems

The web-application created for Self Directing Systems is a highly versatile and expandable piece of software. It was created to facilitate the initial collaboration between Self Directing System’s clients and employees.

Similar to the framework used to create Keep Track, this application features a Mongo, no-sql database, an express API, and a Nodejs scripting platform. The only difference is the integration of Facebook’s front-end platform, React. React provides an extensive list of libraries and collaborative capabilities that allows for massive expansion once mastered. The application incorporates Redux for state management, Json web tokens for authentication, visuals/animations, and more. Check it out below!